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If you have a question, a suggestion, or information to share with any officer above please call the phone number belowIf the call is answered by the answering machine record your name, telephone number, and your message including the name of the officer you wish to contact. You will receive a return phone call with assistance or answers.
Nobel Grand Ray White
Vice Grand Sam Wilk
Secretary Pamela Whisenhunt
Treasurer Charles Whisenhunt
Warden Dennis Lipski
Conductor Carol Reiner
Right Supporter - NG Kenny Rogers
Left Supporter - NG Michael Morgan
Chaplain Ervin Drewing
Right Supporter - VG Jasper Mangiore
Left Supporter - VG Ken White
Right Scene Supporter Frank Buchholz
Left Scene Supporter Steve Buchholtz
Inside Guardian Shirley James
Outside Guardian Kenneth Hetz
Junior Past Grand Giovanni Mangiore
Color Bearer James Reiner
2017 Officers of
Wildey Lodge #2  I.O.O.F.
Wildey Lodge No. 2
Officers for 2017