Brother Thomas Wildey
Birthday Month Commemoration
Wildey Lodge #2, in celebration with Odd Fellow Lodges across the United States, participated in a meeting focused on emphasizing the success and contribution of the works of Brother Thomas Wildey's dedication to the establishment of Odd Fellow Lodges in the United States. More information of his success will be found on the history
page of this website.
In preparation the Lodge read the Declaration from Sovereign Grand Lodge at a meeting before the planned date of the celebration. An invitation to participate and plan for the future was mailed to all the Odd Fellow Lodges in the State of Missouri. 

To read the
Birthday Celebratory Card and Invitation place the mouse on the above portrait and left click. Then scroll down to view all four sides of the card.

On completion of dinner a rousing happy Birthday was sung in honor of Brother Wildey. Then his Birthday Month Cake was cut and distributed to they happy group.
During the Lodge Meeting following dinner, the Wildey Birthday Committee presented a short program reviewing the accomplishments and impact of the growth and development of the Fraternity due to the guidance and leadership of Brother Wildey. The whole program was very well  received and enthusiasm was expressed for a follow-up program and celebration next year.